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(INRMM-MiD internal record) List of keywords of the INRMM meta-information database - part 43

(February 2018)
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List of indexed keywords within the transdisciplinary set of domains which relate to the Integrated Natural Resources Modelling and Management (INRMM). In particular, the list of keywords maps the semantic tags in the INRMM Meta-information Database (INRMM-MiD). [\n] The INRMM-MiD records providing this list are accessible by the special tag: inrmm-list-of-tags ( ). ...


Identificación de los anillos anuales de crecimiento de la encina (Quercus ilex. L.)

Orsis, Vol. 8 (1993), pp. 127-139


Methods for intelpreting annual tree-rings of holm oak (Quercus ilex L.). The growth pattem of the holm oak (Quercus ilex L.) is difficult to interpret due to varied features of its wood. In order to find a practical as well as reliable method for interpreting annual ...


Physical and mechanical properties of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) wood grown in Belgium

Canadian Journal of Forest Research, Vol. 42, No. 5. (2 April 2012), pp. 831-840,


The objective of this study was to characterize black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) wood on the basis of its physical and mechanical properties. The results are compared with those reported in the literature for English oak (Quercus robur L.), teak (Tectona grandis L. f.), and afzelia (Afzelia sp.), since black locust is likely to be used for the same purposes as the former species. The variations between sites, trees, and radial positions in the trunk were also studied. The physical and mechanical ...


Textbook of Wood Technology: Structure, Identification, Properties, and Uses of the Commercial Woods of the United States and Canada

Vol. 1 (1980)

Physical and mechanical properties of European Hophornbeam (Ostrya carpinifolia Scop.) wood

Bioresource Technology, Vol. 99, No. 11. (July 2008), pp. 4780-4785,


The main purpose of the study was to determine some physical and mechanical properties of European Hophornbeam (Ostrya carpinifolia Scop.) wood of which is not any detailed previous research in the literature. The sample trees harvested from a mixed beech-oak-hornbeam stand in the Zonguldak Forest Enterprises, north western part of Turkey. Conventional methods followed and the test procedures were performed on small clean specimens. European Hophornbeam wood’s air dry and over dry densities were determined as 890 and 853 kg m−3; density value ...


A Guide to Useful Woods of the World



An invaluable reference source for woodworkers, wood collectors, and others interested in wood. This all new 640-page edition of the Guide introduces 78 additional species and contains a number of invaluable features not included in the original edition, including: 1) each of the 279 species is described in a two-page data sheet containing information on the scientific name, family name, other names, distribution, the tree, the timber, seasoning, durability, workability, uses, and supplies; 2) specific gravity is included for all species and ...


Wood anatomy and hydraulic architecture of stems and twigs of some Mediterranean trees and shrubs along a mesic-xeric gradient

Trees In Trees, Vol. 22, No. 5. (2008), pp. 643-655,


Woody species populating the major Mediterranean ecosystems in the world are characterized by different levels of adaptation to the seasonal Mediterranean climate conditions. Many species of these ecosystems show wood features that allow high efficiency of transport when water is available, while maintaining hydraulic safety during drought periods. This study focuses on the anatomy of juvenile and mature wood of some species representative of continuous sequences of Mediterranean vegetation formations according to gradients of water availability, from xeric to relatively mesic: ...


Behavior of pubescent oak (Quercus pubescens Willd.) wood to different thermal treatments

iForest - Biogeosciences and Forestry (16 February 2015), pp. e1-e8,

Production of epicormic shoots on oak (Quercus robur): effects of frequency and time of pruning

Forestry, Vol. 74, No. 5. (01 January 2001), pp. 467-477,


The effect of frequency and time of pruning on the population of epicormic shoots was investigated for two stands of oak (Quercus robur L.). Pruning frequencies consisted of eight permutations of pruning or not pruning in three successive years, comparisons were also made between pruning in four different months. The final pruning was in January 1994 and the last assessment was in early 1998. Pruning had a short‐term effect on total number of epicormic shoots but this had mostly disappeared within ...


The influence of site quality, silviculture and region on wood density mixed model in Quercus petraea Liebl.

Forest Ecology and Management, Vol. 189, No. 1-3. (February 2004), pp. 111-121,


Three linear mixed-effect models for wood density were constructed with average ring density data measured by X-ray microdensitometry on 10427 heartwood rings collected from 82 sessile oaks sampled in five French regions (Alsace, Lorraine, Orne et Sarthe, Allier, Loir-et-Cher). Two types of forest management (coppice-with-standards and high forest) and three site qualities were represented in each region. A model (1) between air dry wood density and radial tree growth was established. Model (2), with radial growth and tree environment (region, silviculture, ...


Durability of English oak (Quercus robur L.) - Comparison of decay progress and resistance under various laboratory and field conditions

International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, Vol. 86 (January 2014), pp. 79-85,


Durability of 3 oak assortments tested in laboratory, semi-laboratory, field tests. Only little variation in durability of the different oak origins was found. Differences were superposed by the effect of different test methods. Transferability of lab results to outdoor performance limited. Various procedures are used for testing the durability of wood and wood based materials for decades. Generally they can be divided in field and laboratory tests, whereby lab tests allow more defined and reproducible conditions and benefit from shorter test ...


Durability of wood and wood-based products. Natural durability of solid wood. Guide to natural durability and treatability of selected wood species of importance in Europe



Wood is a variable material. Its natural durability to various forms of biological attack is affected by many factors. Consequently, definitive statements about natural durability cannot be made without having accurate and comprehensive test data. However, based on the information currently available, this Part of EN 350 gives guidance on the durability of heartwood and sapwood of selected wood species to degradation by a range of organisms. Separate guidance is given for ...


The potential of grey alder plantation forestry

In Short Rotation Willow Coppice for Renewable Energy and Improved Environment: Proceedings of a joint Swedish - Estonian seminar on Energy Forestry and Vegetation Filters held in Tartu 24-26 September 1995 (1995), pp. 89-94
edited by K. Perttu, A. Koppel


A survey concerning the potential use of grey alder (Alnus incana (L.) Moench.) in short rotation forestry is performed. The most important characters in this context are discussed. It is concluded that grey alder is an interesting contributor in plantation forestry, because it has a high woody biomass production, is more or less self-supporting with nitrogen, and is well adjusted to the conditions in Fennoscandia and Balticum. ...


Utilización de Quercus pyrenaica Willd. de Castilla y León en el envejecimiento de vinos. Comparación con roble francés y americano

Vol. 18 (2008)


This study, on the enological quality of rebollo (Quercus pyrenaica Willd.) has been done with three main points in mind; the requirement for quality wood for wine barrels; the large rebollo covered regions that can be found in Castilla-León (722.773 ha) as well as in other parts of Spain (1.090.716 ha); and the possibility of being able to give our wines their own personality with recognizable characteristics. The study focuses on rebollo from Castilla-León, an addresses the chemical properties and structure ...


Characterisation and categorisation of the diversity in viscoelastic vibrational properties between 98 wood types

Annals of Forest Science, Vol. 69, No. 3. (2012), pp. 373-386,


Context Increased knowledge on diversity in wood properties would have implications both for fundamental research and for promoting a diversification of uses as material. Aims The objective is to contribute to overcoming the critical lack of data on the diversity of wood dynamic mechanical/viscoelastic vibrational properties by testing lesser known species and categorising sources of variability. Methods Air-dry axial specific dynamic modulus of elasticity (E′/γ) and damping coefficient (tanδ) were measured on a wide sampling (1,792 specimens) of 98 wood types from 79 species. An experimental ...


The Macedonian Sarissa, Spear, and Related Armor

American Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 81, No. 3. (1977), pp. 323-339


Adoption of the sarissa, or long lance, by Macedonian infantry and cavalry brought about important changes in military tactics. To understand these developments, it is necessary to be clear about the limitations of size and weight of the sarissa, since these factors determined how the weapon could be wielded in battle. When it is established how the sarissa had to be handled, then one can conceive more accurately both the advantages and weaknesses of military formations armed in this manner. Moreover, ...


Comparison of various pulping characteristic of Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl. wood

African Journal of Biotechnology, Vol. 10, No. 48. (2011), pp. 9812-9816


This study was carried out in order to investigate the suitability of ash (Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl.), a native tree (species) in Turkey, for pulp and paper making. Four pulping methods, which included NSSC, cold soda, kraft and kraft + anthraquinone pulping processes, were used for this study. The test materials were supplied from two different stands found in Istanbul Bahcekoy region. When ash wood samples as ash 1 and ash 2 chemical contents were analyzed, the chemical components of ash 1 ...


Das Alphorn in der Schweiz


Wood properties and uses of Sitka spruce in Britain



Preface: Research into the wood properties and performance of products made from Sitka spruce has been undertaken in Great Britain for almost 90 years by a number of organisations, most notably the Forestry Commission, Forest Products Research Laboratory (FPRL), Building Research Establishment (BRE), Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA), Imperial College London, University of Oxford, University of Wales Bangor, and University of Aberdeen. Smaller research groups were also based at Abertay University and Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College. Most recently, research groups ...


The science of string instruments

In The Science of String Instruments (2010),


String instruments are found in almost all musical cultures. Bowed string instruments form the backbone of symphony orchestras, and they are used widely as solo instruments and in chamber music as well. Guitars are used universally in pop music as well as in classical music. The piano is probably the most versatile of all musical instruments, used widely not only in ensemble with other musical instruments but also as a solo instrument and to accompany solo instruments and the human voice. In ...

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