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(INRMM-MiD internal record) List of keywords of the INRMM meta-information database - part 43

(February 2018)
Keywords: inrmm-list-of-tags   viburnum-spp   vicia-faba   vietnam   vinca-spp   vineyards   violin   viral-disease   virgin-forest   virola-koschnyi   virus   viscum-album   visual-assessment   visual-interpretation   visual-notation   visualization   vitality   vitex-keniensis   vitis-spp   vochysia-divergens   vochysia-ferruginea   vochysia-guatemalensis   volatiles   volcanic-eruptions   volunteered-geographic-information   vulnerability   vulpes-vulpes   walnut   walnut-leaf   warming   washingtonia-filifera   washingtonia-robusta   water   water-balance   water-erosion   water-impoundment   water-pollution   water-potential   water-quality   water-reservoir-management   water-reservoir-network   water-resources   water-resources-management   water-scarcity   water-security   water-storage   water-stress   water-use-efficiency   waterlogging   waves-energy   weather-modification   web-and-information-technologies   web-coverage-services   web-map-services   web-processing-services   web-services   weibull-distribution   weighting   wepp   west-africa   west-antartica   western-alps   western-asia   western-europe   western-mediterranean   westringia-fruticosa   wetland-investigations   wetlands   wheat   wicked-problem   wide-scale   wide-scale-transdisciplinary-modelling-for-environment   wide-vs-large-scale   widespread-plant-species   wiesa   wiki-communication   wild-service-tree   wilderness   wildfires   wildland-urban-interface   wilt   wind   wind-damage   wind-energy   wind-machines   wind-model   windows   windstorm   windthrow   wine-barrel   winter-robustness   wisteria-sinensis   wollemia-nobilis   women   wood-instrument   wood-market   wood-pellet   wood-production   wood-properties   wood-shreds  


List of indexed keywords within the transdisciplinary set of domains which relate to the Integrated Natural Resources Modelling and Management (INRMM). In particular, the list of keywords maps the semantic tags in the INRMM Meta-information Database (INRMM-MiD). [\n] The INRMM-MiD records providing this list are accessible by the special tag: inrmm-list-of-tags ( ). ...


Consistent influence of tree diameter and species on damage in nine eastern North America tornado blowdowns

Forest Ecology and Management, Vol. 250, No. 1-2. (2007), pp. 96-108, doi:


Are tree damage patterns in natural-forest windthrows predictable? Here, I synthesize published and unpublished findings from nine North American forest sites that were disturbed by tornadoes, to ask how well tree damage patterns might be predicted on the basis of tree diameter and species identity. All sites were sampled by the author and assistants, using generally similar methodology, thereby avoiding many of the barriers to direct cross-site comparison of wind damage. In almost all cases, there is a consistent pattern of ...


Individual-based analysis of tree establishment and forest stand development within 25 years after wind throw

European Journal of Forest Research, Vol. 131, No. 2. (2011), pp. 493-501, doi:10.1007/s10342-011-0524-2


Wind throw is a common disturbance in forest ecosystems. Because many forests are intensively used our knowledge on forest dynamics after such disturbances is limited. In the Bavarian Forest National Park/Germany after the wind throw event in summer 1983, we started our long-term observation in nearly natural Norway spruce forests within 5-year intervals up to 2010. A part of the affected stands was cleared, while another part was left untouched for natural development. Here, we focused on the tree species regeneration, ...


Wind as a natural disturbance agent in forests: a synthesis

Forestry, Vol. 86, No. 2. (01 April 2013), pp. 147-157, doi:10.1093/forestry/cps058
Keywords: disturbances   windstorm   windthrow  


Windthrow is all too often looked at as an exceptional, catastrophic phenomenon rather than a recurrent natural disturbance that falls within the spectrum of chronic and acute effects of wind on forests, and that drives ecosystem patterns and processes. This paper provides an integrative overview of the nature, contributing factors and impacts of wind-caused disturbance in forests, including its effects on trees, stands, landscapes and soils. Windthrow is examined through the integrating concepts of: the capacity of trees for acclimative growth, ...


Simulating wind disturbance impacts on forest landscapes: tree-level heterogeneity matters

Environmental Modelling & Software, Vol. 51 (2014), pp. 1-11, doi:


Abstract Wind is the most detrimental disturbance agent in Europe's forest ecosystems. In recent years, disturbance frequency and severity have been increasing at continental scale, a trend that is expected to continue under future anthropogenic climate change. Disturbance management is thus increasingly important for sustainable stewardship of forests, and requires tools to evaluate the effects of management alternatives and climatic changes on disturbance risk and ecosystem services. We here present a process-based model of wind disturbance impacts on forest ecosystems, integrated ...

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