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(INRMM-MiD internal record) List of keywords of the INRMM meta-information database - part 42

(February 2018)
Keywords: inrmm-list-of-tags   tuscany   tuta-absoluta   twig-dieback   two-dimensional-gas-chromatography   two-stage-peer-review   udig   uganda   ukraine   ulex-europaeus   ulmus-americana   ulmus-carpinifolia   ulmus-glabra   ulmus-laevis   ulmus-minor   ulmus-parvifolia   ulmus-procera   ulmus-pumila   ulmus-rubra   ulmus-spp   ulmus-thomasii   umbellularia-californica   umbrella-species   un-framework-convention-on-climate-change   uncertainty   uncertainty-propagation   underfitting   understorey   understorey-species   undisturbed-habitat   uneven-aged-forest   unexpected-effect   unfalsifiability   ungulate   ungulate-browsing   united-kingdom   united-nations   united-states   universal-approximation   unknown   unrealistic-expectations   unsupervised-training   upper-treeline   uprooting   urban-areas   urban-forest   urban-habitats   urban-trees   urgent-hpc   url-decay   urocerus-gigas   ursus-arctos   usda   ushahidi   usle   usle-m   usped   utilization   vaccination   vaccinium-arctostaphylos   vaccinium-myrtillus   vaccinium-oxycoccos   vaccinium-spp   vaccinium-uliginosum   vaccinium-vitis-idaea   vaccinum-myrtillus   validation   valsa-melanodiscus   values-at-stake   values-vs-scientific-evidence   vapour-pressure-deficit   variability   variable-selection   variance-partitioning   variation   vascular-plants   vascular-system   vauable   vegetation   vegetation-buffer   vegetation-changes   vegetation-composition   vegetation-condition   vegetation-diversity   vegetation-dynamics   vegetation-types   vegetative-propagation   vehicle-detection   veneer   venice   verification-vs-corroboration   veronica-micrantha   veronica-officinalis   vertebrate   verticillium-dahliae   vgi   viburnum-lantana   viburnum-opalus   viburnum-opulus   viburnum-orientale  


List of indexed keywords within the transdisciplinary set of domains which relate to the Integrated Natural Resources Modelling and Management (INRMM). In particular, the list of keywords maps the semantic tags in the INRMM Meta-information Database (INRMM-MiD). [\n] The INRMM-MiD records providing this list are accessible by the special tag: inrmm-list-of-tags ( ). ...


Resprouting patterns after fire and response to stool cleaning of two coexisting Mediterranean oaks with contrasting leaf habits on two different sites

Forest Ecology and Management, Vol. 179, No. 1-3. (July 2003), pp. 401-414,


The extension of mixed evergreen (Quercus ilex) and winter deciduous (Quercus cerrioides) oak coppices is increasing in NE Spain as a consequence of large wildfires. The best alternative to manage these high-density and low production forests is their conversion into stored coppices (i.e. coppices with few stems per stool). However, in this process, functional differences arising from the contrasted leaf-habit of the two co-occurring oaks should be taken into account. In this study, we explore the resprouting patterns and the response ...


Funktionen klonalen Wachstums von Bäumen bei der Brachflächen-Sukzession unter besonderer Beachtung von Robinia pseudoacacia

Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft für Ökologie, Vol. 26 (1996), pp. 173-181


Title: Functions of clonal growth of trees in the wasteland-succession with special attention of Robinia pseudoacacia ...


Micropropagation of Eucalyptus nitens maiden (Shining gum)

In In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Plant, Vol. 39, No. 3. (2003), pp. 316-321,


Eucalyptus nitens Maiden (shining gum) is a frost-tolerant species of Eucalyptus that can be used as an alternative species to Eucalyptus globulus in some regions of Portugal where winter temperatures are too low. Seedlings and 1-yr-old shoot tips and nodes were used for micropropagation of E. nitens. The best multiplication rate (2.25) was obtained when seedling shoots (<15 mm) were cultured on a medium containing the major nutrients (at half-strength) and minor elements of Murashige and Skoog (1962) medium, the organics ...


Approaches on vegetative propagation of difficult-to-root Salix caprea

Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture In Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, Vol. 79, No. 2. (2004), pp. 239-247,


In the framework of a willow rust research project, it was necessary to include vegetatively propagated plant material of selected sallow trees (Salix caprea L.) into biotests for identification of pathotypes. Since it was not possible to root sufficient clonal plants by conventional cutting propagation, the applicability of tissue culture methods was tested. From 10 selected donor trees of Salix caprea newly sprouted shoots were harvested and transferred to nutrient media after surface disinfection. The cultures were grown at 20--22 °C, ...


In vitro propagation of Salix caprea L. by single node explants

Silvae Genetica, Vol. 42, No. 6. (1993), pp. 308-310


Salix caprea was propagated in vitro from single node explants of field-grown plants. Two media were used for the induction of shoot growth: SCHENCK-HILDEBRANDT'S and AHUJA'S medium. The newly formed shoots were rooted on 1/50 strength AHUJA medium. Plantlets were acclima-tized to soil and greenhouse conditions under water-logging conditions. In the greenhouse the plants grew to a height of 1 m within 5 months. ...

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