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Spreading like wildfire

Nature Climate Change, Vol. 7, No. 11. (November 2017), pp. 755-755,


The 2017 wildfire season has seen unusually high fire levels in many parts of the world, with extensive and severe fires occurring in Chile, the Mediterranean, Russia, the US, Canada and even Greenland. Is this a sign of things to come? [Excerpt] During January and February, Chile experienced what their president Michelle Bachelet called “The greatest forest disaster in our history”. The nation was not adequately equipped to tackle these fires, leading the government to enact a state of emergency and accept ...


List of aphids (Homoptera: Aphidoidea) and their host plants in Croatia

Natura Croatica, Vol. 21, No. 1. (2012), pp. 191-221


In this paper all reference data of faunistic investigations of aphids and their host plants conducted in Croatia since 1927 are presented. The aim of this paper is to provide a complete checklist of aphids, important crop pests, and their host plants in Croatia. During the compilation of the list of host plants and their aphids, all available reference data of faunistic investigations undertaken in Croatia were used. The first data of aphid fauna were published in 1927 (KOVAČEVIĆ, 1927), and ...


Flavonoid profile of Robinia honeys produced in Croatia

Food Chemistry, Vol. 102, No. 3. (2007), pp. 683-690,


In this work specific pollen content, selected physicochemical parameters and flavonoid profile of 40 Croatian Robinia honeys from two production seasons were analysed. Results showed good compliance with national and international regulatory requirements, as well as with values typical for Robinia monofloral honey. All analysed samples showed same, typical flavonoid profile. Flavonoid content was different for two seasons, but rates of individual compounds remained unchanged. Higher concentrations of flavonoids were found in samples produced during dry season with high temperatures. ...


Morphological and molecular differentiation of the croatian populations of Ouercus pubescens Willd. (Fagaceae)

Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae, Vol. 75, No. 2. (2006), pp. 123-130,


Taxonomy of the genus Quercus L. is very complicated and often controversial because of its great variability and intense gene flow among the related species. The purpose of this research was to determine morphological and molecular variation, relationships and taxonomic status of the Croatian populations of Quercus pubescens Willd. using morphological analysis of the leaves and RAPD-PCR technique. The results of the morphological and molecular analyses were very similar, both showing differentiation of the southern (Mediterranean) from the northern (Continental) pubescent ...


(INRMM-MiD internal record) List of keywords of the INRMM meta-information database - part 9

(February 2014)
Keywords: crataegus-azarolus   crataegus-laevigata   crataegus-monogyna   crataegus-nigra   crataegus-spp   creative-commons   crescentia-cujete   crimean-mountains   crisis   croatia   crocidura-suaveolens   cronartium-ribicola   crop-yield   crops   cross-disciplinary-perspective   crowd-sourcing   crowdfunding   crowdsourcing   crown-copyright   crown-diameter   cryphalus-piceae   cryphonectria-parasitica   crypmmeria-japonica   cryptomeria-fortunei   cryptomeria-japonica   cryptomeria-spp   cryptorhynchus-lapathi   cultivars   cultivated   cultivated-plants   cultural-services   cunninghamia-lanceolata   cupressaceae   cupressus-abramsiana   cupressus-arizonica   cupressus-atlantica   cupressus-bakeri   cupressus-cashmeriana   cupressus-dupreziana   cupressus-funebris   cupressus-goveniana   cupressus-guadalupensis   cupressus-lusitanica   cupressus-macnabiana   cupressus-macrocarpa   cupressus-pygmaea   cupressus-sargentii   cupressus-sempervirens   cupressus-torulosa   curculio-elephas   curiosity   curse-of-dimensionality   cut-timber   cyanobacteria   cyathea-arborea   cyber-security   cybernetics   cyc   cycadopsida   cyclocarya-paliurus   cyclomatic-complexity   cyclone   cyclostationarity   cydonia-oblonga   cylindrocladium-quinqueseptatum   cyprus   cystopteris-spp   cytisus-scoparius   czech-republic   daboecia-cantabrica   dacryodes-excelsa   danube-basin   daphne-blagayana   daphne-cneorum   daphne-laureola   daphne-mezereum   daphne-pontica   daphniphyllum-oldhamii   dasineura-salicis   data   data-acquisition   data-based-mechanistic-modelling   data-breach   data-collection-bias   data-errors   data-fusion   data-heterogeneity   data-integration   data-lineage   data-model-comparison   data-provenance   data-quality   data-scarcity   data-sharing   data-transformation-codelets   data-transformation-modelling   data-transformation-modelling-dynamic   data-uncertainty   inrmm-list-of-tags  


List of indexed keywords within the transdisciplinary set of domains which relate to the Integrated Natural Resources Modelling and Management (INRMM). In particular, the list of keywords maps the semantic tags in the INRMM Meta-information Database (INRMM-MiD). [\n] The INRMM-MiD records providing this list are accessible by the special tag: inrmm-list-of-tags ( ). ...

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Integrated Natural Resources Modelling and Management - Meta-information Database.

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Meta-information Database (INRMM-MiD).
This database integrates a dedicated meta-information database in CiteULike (the CiteULike INRMM Group) with the meta-information available in Google Scholar, CrossRef and DataCite. The Altmetric database with Article-Level Metrics is also harvested. Part of the provided semantic content (machine-readable) is made even human-readable thanks to the DCMI Dublin Core viewer. Digital preservation of the meta-information indexed within the INRMM-MiD publication records is implemented thanks to the Internet Archive.
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INRMM-MiD was experimentally established by the Maieutike Research Initiative in 2008 and then improved with the help of several volunteers (with a major technical upgrade in 2011). This new integrated interface is operational since 2014.