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Size of wildfires in the Euro-Mediterranean region: observations and theoretical analysis

Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, Vol. 15, No. 6. (23 June 2015), pp. 1331-1341,


MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) satellite observations of fire size and ERA-Interim meteorological reanalysis are used to derive a relationship between burnt area and wind speed over the Mediterranean region and Eastern Europe. The largest wildfire size does not show a strong response with respect to wind speed in Eastern Europe. In the Mediterranean, as intuitively expected, the burnt area associated with the largest wildfires is an increasing function of wind speed for moderate temperature anomalies. In situations of severe heatwaves, ...


Code complexity - Part II

No. GotW #21. (1997)


The challenge: Take the three-line function from GotW #20 and make it strongly exception-safe. This exercise illustrates some important lessons about exception safety. [Excerpt: Exception Safety and Multiple Side Effects] In this case, it turned out to be possible in Attempt #3 to perform both side effects with essentially commit-or-rollback semantics (except for the stream issues). The reason it was possible is that there turned out to be a technique by which the two effects could be performed atomically... that is, all of ...


Uses and Abuses of Vector

No. GotW #74. (September 2000)


Almost everybody uses std::vector, and that's good. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand some of its semantics and end up unwittingly using it in surprising and dangerous ways. How many of the subtle problems illustrated in this issue might be lurking in your current program? ...


Code Complexity - Part I

No. GotW #20. (September 1997)


This problem presents an interesting challenge: How many execution paths can there be in a simple three-line function? The answer will almost certainly surprise you. [Excerpt] One purpose of this GotW was to demonstrate just how many invisible execution paths can exist in simple code in a language that allows exceptions. Does this invisible complexity affect the function's reliability and testability? See the following GotW problem for the answer. ...


(INRMM-MiD internal record) List of keywords of the INRMM meta-information database - part 4

(February 2014)
Keywords: banksia-serrata   bark-beetle   batocera-lineolata   bavaria   bedrock   beech-forest   behaviour   behavioural-contracts   belgium   beliefs   below-ground-biomass   berberis-vulgaris   bernoulli   bertholletia-excelsa   betula-alba   betula-albo-sinensis   betula-alleghaniensis   betula-alnoides   betula-ashburneri   betula-celtiberica   betula-chichibuensis   betula-chinensis   betula-cordifolia   betula-costata   betula-cylindrostachya   betula-dahurica   betula-ermanii   betula-falcata   betula-fruticosa   betula-glandulosa   betula-globispica   betula-gmelinii   betula-grossa   betula-gynoterminalis   betula-honanensis   betula-humilis   betula-karagandensis   betula-klokovii   betula-kotulae   betula-lenta   betula-maximowicziana   betula-megrelica   betula-michauxii   betula-microphylla   betula-murrayana   betula-nana   betula-nigra   betula-occidentalis   betula-papyrifera   betula-pendula   betula-platyphylla   betula-populifolia   betula-potamophila   betula-psammophila   betula-pubescens   betula-raddeana   betula-recurvata   betula-skvorsovii   betula-spp   betula-sunanensis   betula-szaferi   betula-utilis   betula-zinserlingii   betulaceae   bias   bias-correction   bias-disembodied-science-vs-computational-scholarship   bias-toward-primacy-of-theory-over-reality   bibliometrics   bifurcation-analysis   big-data   binomial-distribution   bio-based-economy   biochemical-product   bioclimatic-envelope-models   bioclimatic-predictors   biodiversity   biodiversity-hotspot   biodiversity-impacts   biodiversity-indicator   biodiversity-offsets   bioeconomy   bioenergy   bioethanol   biofilm   biofiltration   biofuel   biogenic-volatile-organic-compounds   biogeography   bioinformatics   biological-control   biological-invasions   biology   biomass   biomass-burning   biomass-production   biomass-to-energy   biome   biomonitoring   inrmm-list-of-tags  


List of indexed keywords within the transdisciplinary set of domains which relate to the Integrated Natural Resources Modelling and Management (INRMM). In particular, the list of keywords maps the semantic tags in the INRMM Meta-information Database (INRMM-MiD). [\n] The INRMM-MiD records providing this list are accessible by the special tag: inrmm-list-of-tags ( ). ...


Corrigendum: Corrigendum to "A tailored solver for bifurcation analysis of ocean-climate models" [J. Comput. Phys. 227 (2007) 654-679]

J. Comput. Phys., Vol. 228, No. 13. (20 July 2009), pp. 4962-4964,


This corrigendum contains a correction to some of the results in the article ‘‘A tailored solver for bifurcation analysis of ocean-climate models” [2], in which it was demonstrated how the specific mathematical structure of the equations govern- ing oceanic flow can be exploited to build an efficient linear system solver for use in a continuation method. Compared to earlier work (e.g. [4]), an additional novelty was the implementation of the small slope approximation to Redi [3] isoneutral diffusion and Gent–McWilliams [1] ...

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