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Towards a philosophy of academic publishing

Educational Philosophy and Theory, Vol. 48, No. 14. (02 November 2016), pp. 1401-1425,


This article is concerned with developing a philosophical approach to a number of significant changes to academic publishing, and specifically the global journal knowledge system wrought by a range of new digital technologies that herald the third age of the journal as an electronic, interactive and mixed-media form of scientific communication. The paper emerges from an Editors' Collective, a small New Zealand-based organisation comprised of editors and reviewers of academic journals mostly in the fields of education and philosophy. The paper ...


LINPACK: users' guide



[Excerpt:Table of Contents] "R.T.F.M." - Anonymous [\n] [...] [Overview] LIMPACK is a collection of Fortran subroutines which analyze and solve various systems of simultaneous linear algebraic equations. The subroutines are designed to be completely machine independent, fully portable, and to run at near optimum efficiency in most operating environments. [\n] Many of the subroutines deal with square coefficient matrices, where there are as many equations as unknowns. Some of the subroutines process rectangular coefficient matrices, where the system may be over- or underdetermined. Such systems ...


An American National Standard- IEEE Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic

ANSI/IEEE Std 754-1985 In ANSI/IEEE Std 754-1985, No. Std 754-1985. (1985), 0_1,
by John E. May, John P. Riganati, Sava I. Sherr, James H. Beall, Fletcher J. Buckley, Rene Castenschiold, Edward Chelotti, Edward J. Cohen, Paul G. Cummings, Donald C. Fleckenstein, Jay Forster, Daniel L. Goldberg, Kenneth D. Hendrix, Irvin N. Howell, Jack Kinn, Joseph L. Koepfinger, Irving Kolodny, R. F. Lawrence, Lawrence V. McCall, Donald T. Michael, Frank L. Rose, Clifford O. Swanson, J. Richard Weger, W. B. Wilkens, Charles J. Wylie, Andrew Allison, William Ames, Mike Arya, Janis Baron, Steve Baumel, Dileep Bhandarkar, Joel Boney, E. H. Bristol, Werner Buchholz, Jim Bunch, Ed Burdick, Gary R. Burke, Paul Clemente, W. J. Cody, Jerome T. Coonen, Jim Crapuchettes, Itzhak Davidesko, Wayne Davison, R. H. Delp, James Demmel, Donn Denman, Alvin Despain, Augustin A. Dubrulle, Tom Eggers, Philip J. Faillace, Richard Fateman, David Feign, Don Feinberg, Smart Feldman, Eugene Fisher, Paul F. Flanagan, Gordon Force, Lloyd Fosdick, Robert Fraley, Howard Fullmer, Daniel D. Gajski, David M. Gay, C. W. Gear, Martin Graham, David Gustavson, Guy K. Haas, Kenton Hanson, Chuck Hastings, David Hough, John E. Howe, Thomas E. Hull, Suren Irukulla, Richard, Paul S. Jensen, W. Kahan, Howard Kaikow, Richard Karpinski, Virginia Klema, Les Kohn, Dan Kuyper, M. Dundee Maples, Roy Martin, William H. McAllister, Colin McMaster, Dean Miller, Webb Miller, John C. Nash, Dan O'Dowd, Cash Olsen, A. Padegs, John F. Palmer, Beresford Parlett, Dave Patterson, Mary H. Payne, Tom Pittman, Lew Randall, Robert Reid, Christian Reinsch, Frederic N. Ris, Stan Schmidt, Van Shahan, Robert L. Smith, Roger Stafford, G. W. Stewart, Robert Stewart, Harold S. Stone, W. D. Strecker, Robert Swarz, George Taylor, James W. Thomas, Dar-Sun Tsien, Greg Walker, John S. Walther, Shlomo Waser, P. C. Waterman, Charles White
Keywords: ansi   ieee   mathematics   multiauthor   programming   standard  


This standard is a product of the Floating-Point Working Group of the Microprocessor Standards Subcommittee of the Standards Committee of the IEEE Computer Society. This work was sponsored by the Technical Committee on Microprocessors and Minicomputers. Draft 8.0 of this standard was published to solicit public comments. Implementation techniques can be found in An Implementation Guide to a Proposed Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic by J.T. Coonen, which was based on a still earlier draft of the proposal. This standard defines a ...

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