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Publications by author Marinho Ferreira Barbosa:P.

Change impacts and adaptation in Europe, focusing on extremes and adaptation until the 2030s - PESETA-3 project, final sector report on Task 9: Droughts

Vol. 28990 EN (2017),


[Executive summary] This document reports the results of the analyses performed within the framework of the PESETA3 project regarding the Task 9 - Droughts. The main objective of this task is to provide robust scientific-based information to stakeholders and decision makers on the possible impacts of future climate scenarios on the occurrence of drought events. [\n] This report is focused on the analysis of the variations of soil moisture on the European continent, as well as of a soil moisture-based drought severity indicator ...


Will drought events become more frequent and severe in Europe?

International Journal of Climatology (09 October 2017),


As a result of climate change in recent past and unsustainable land management, drought became one of the most impacting disasters and, with the projected global warming, it is expected to progressively cause more damages by the end of the 21st century. This study investigates changes in drought occurrence, frequency, and severity in Europe in the next decades. A combined indicator based on the predominance of the drought signal over normal/wet conditions has been used. The indicator, which combines the standardized ...


Meteorological droughts in Europe: events and impacts - Past trends and future projections



[Excerpt: Executive Summary] Observational records from 1950 onwards and climate projections for the 21st century provide evidence that droughts are a recurrent climate feature in large parts of Europe, especially in the Mediterranean, but also in western, south-eastern and central Europe. Trends over the past 60 years show an increasing frequency, duration and intensity of droughts in these regions, while a negative trend has been observed in north-eastern Europe. With a changing climate, this tendency is likely to be reinforced during the 21st century, affecting a wide range of ...


World drought frequency, duration, and severity for 1951-2010

International Journal of Climatology, Vol. 34, No. 8. (June 2014), pp. 2792-2804,


In the context of climate change characterized by rising temperature and more extreme precipitation regimes, drought is one of the most relevant natural disasters. This paper presents maps of global drought frequency, duration, and severity for the periods 1951–1970, 1971–1990, and 1991–2010, to give an overview of the respective drought hot spots. Drought frequency is defined as the number of drought events occurred, drought duration as the number of months in drought conditions, and drought severity as the sum of the ...


The biggest drought events in Europe from 1950 to 2012

Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies (2015),


[Highlights] [::] We compiled a list of the biggest European drought events (1950–2012). [::] We focused on drought events at meteorological and hydrological time scale. [::] We used a combination of three drought indicators (SPI, SPEI, and RDI). [::] We defined the frequency, severity, duration, and intensity of the events. [::] We present regional and country drought time series. [Abstract] [::Study region] Europe, including European Russia, but excluding Greenland, the Canary Islands, the Azores, and Madeira. [::Study focus] Drought is a complex climate-related phenomenon that can affect different sectors causing ...


  1. Allen, R.G., Pereira, L.S., Raes, D., Smith, M., 1998. Crop Evapotranspiration – Guidelines for Computing CropWater Requirements. FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper, vol. 56. FAO, Rome, 15 pp.
  2. Arpe, K., Leroy, S.A.G., Lahijani, H., Khan, V., 2012. Impact of the European Russia drought in 2010 on the Caspian Sea level. Hydrology and Earth System Science, 16, 19-27. .
  3. August, D., Geiger, M., 2008. Drought in the Mediterranean - Recent

A MODIS assessment of the summer 2007 extent burned in Greece

International Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol. 29, No. 8. (25 March 2008), pp. 2433-2436,
Keywords: burnt-scar-mapping   data   dataset   effis   greece   modis   wildfires  


Devastating fires affected Greece in the summer 2007, with the loss of more than 60 human lives, the destruction of more than 100 villages and hundreds of square kilometres of forest burned. This Letter presents a map of the extent burned and the approximate day of burning in Greece mapped by the MODIS burned area product for 22 June to 30 August 2007 and the burned areas mapped independently by the European Forest Fires Information Service (EFFIS). The characteristics of the ...


Assessment of forest fire impacts and emissions in the European Union based on the European Forest Fire Information System

In Wildland Fires and Air Pollution, Vol. 8 (2008), pp. 197-208,


An analysis on the number of forest fires and burned area distribution as retrieved by the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) database is presented. On average, from 2000 to 2005 about 95,000 fires occurred annually in 23 European countries, burning almost 600,000 ha of forest land every year. Of these about two-thirds or 65,000 fires occurred in 5 European Union (EU) Mediterranean countries (France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain) where on average half a million hectares of forest land were burned ...

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